That's me!

Nico Salvador

Quezon City, Philippines

Some Kotlin sample code

Things I'm Into

Software Development

I've always enjoyed tinkering with technology and poking around the deepest levels of software settings, so programming was a natural next step. I love the way it demands both the ability to solve problems creatively and then the application of those ideas in a logical and systematic fashion.

Making Things

Design thinking has always been my mindset. There's just something special about creating something new with your hands, whatever it is... 3D modelling and printing, Lego, basic woodworking, and hopefully electronics as well soon.

Coding is making too :)

3D printing at Builtable Makerspace
Lego creation
3D modelled skatepark design

I graduated from the University of the Philippines with a degree in Business Administration. And while most of my experience afterwards has been in marketing, I'm perfectly comfortable discussing economics, finance, corporate strategy, or management, and have even been called up to draft a contract or two.

I've helped organize an indie-orchestra mashup concert, football tournaments, and an online contest to name a professional basketball team, among many other less interesting things

Inline skating

I've been at it on and off since 2002 (see my lame 2011-era video footage to the side), skating parks around the Philippines, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Korea, and Australia along the way.

Founded Elevate Skate Co. a while back, importing gear from shops all over the world. It's closed now, as nice of a side hustle as it was. I also learned a lot about filming and editing video from being involved here.

Things That Inspire Me

Stories behind great ideas
Working with people who love their craft
Elegant solutions to awkward problems

Things I'm Enjoying Lately

My Work


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